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Parking available on property. Street Parking by Permit.

This location was designed using a mixed style of Colonial Revival, Craftsman, and Plantation style design elements. The residence features a highly expressive form incorporating two angled protruding wings encompassing a large semicircular veranda that is the signature feature of the structure. The house is irregular in plan, though the front elevation is symmetrical, dominated by a large semicircular veranda with angled and protruding, gabled wings. Between these wings, the center component of the residence features a steep side gabled on hip roof. Composition shingle cladding and overhanging eaves are part of the roof design. The residence is of wood frame construction with false bevel redwood siding featuring wood frame fixed casement and oneoverone double hung windows. This property has several children’s rooms in different colors as well as a neutral toned living spaces with dark wood accents. The very large yard space complete with lawn and half size basketball court.


        • Great Room
        • Bedroom Suites
        • City View
Parking available on property. Street Parking by Permit.

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